Why PCC?

Our dedicated counselors, helpful library staff, informative financial services, effective distance learning, responsive student success center, and convenient career center make it easy to succeed at PCC.

Quick Facts

  • 9 to 1 student to teacher ratio
  • 41% students received grant or scholarship aid in 2014, totaling over $1 million
  • Save thousands in tuition & fees
  • 43 Internal scholarships given in 2015, totaling OVER $50,000
  • Ability to transfer to public or private 4 year institution with our transfer program

Student Quotes

“I feel at home here. Not only at PCC, but in my program, and that feels really great.”

“I knew PCC was exactly where I needed to be. I love the teachers, and I love how the school is focused on the student and student success, not on themselves.”

“I absolutely LOVE PCC!”

“Before I came to PCC, I was not performing up to my potential in class. Now, because of the teachers, I know I have reached my full potential. I feel confident entering the workforce when I leave here.”

“I am completely impressed at the quality of the education and the passion the faculty and staff have for each student. PCC has changed my life and the lives of my family.”

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