Career Information Center

The Pamlico County Career Resource Center provides a convenient location for job seekers and employers to connect with employment and training assistance. Services are provided in coordination with local and regional partner agencies through referral. These agencies include but are not limited to Pamlico Community College, NCWorks, Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board, Inc., Vocational Rehabilitation, Coastal Community Action, the Division of Employment Services, and the Small Business Center.

For job seekers, the Career Center offers:

  • Locating employment through NCWorks, etc.
  • Career counseling
  • Resume review software
  • Training information and connection
  •  Career Readiness Certificates, and much more
  • Check out our virtual Career Information Center.
  • An online repository of career planning resources such as Career Exploration, Training Options, Employability, Job Search, and more.

For employers, the Career Center offers:

  • Local labor market information
  • Online posting of job leads through NCWorks
  • Referrals of qualified candidates

Assistance for Dislocated Workers and Low Income Adults

The Career Resource Center is currently recruiting students that need financial assistance for training. Candidates should be full-time students. (Already attending full time or planning to be full time.)

Candidates who have already been enrolled should have at least a 2.5 GPA. Assistance is available based on the student’s family income or dislocation status. Students receiving Pell Grant funds or other types of financial aid are also eligible for this assistance.

Other programs offer educational assistance, such as Coastal Community Action and Vocational Rehabilitation. If interested, contact the Career Resource Center staff. Contact information is located at the bottom of the page.

Career Center Registration for Free Services

The Career Center Management Information System allows customers to register for our FREE employment and training services over the Internet at the Career Center or from another location.

Log onto www.ncworks.gov to learn about other opportunities for assistance in searching for jobs.

To learn more about the Career Center services, contact the Counselor/Career Resource Center Director:

Cristy Lewis Warner
252-249-1851 ext. 3014
Room 409

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