Career Services

Individuals can receive help with assessing their career interests, abilities, values, skills, personality type, and other important factors in making career choices. Students can research a wide variety of occupations and fields of interest using resources such as web databases, online videos, occupational and labor market information, etc. Working with our Counselor, students can become an informed consumer in their training process and develop career and educational goals, as well as action plans to achieve those goals. Services will be provided through partnerships with multiple workforce development agencies in our community.

Knowledgeable career counselors are available to help you choose your career path. They have a broad understanding of the college’s and regional training programs and can guide you through the career decision-making process. They will take time to listen and help you process your options. Call or email to set up a time to meet with a counselor:

Cristy Lewis Warner, Counselor

Student Services Division

Room 159, Johnson Building


252-249-1851 ext 3014

Career Resource Center 

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