Human Services Technology

What is Human Services Technology?

The Human Services Technology (HSE) curriculum prepares students for entry-level positions in institutions and agencies that provide education and social and community services. Emphasis is placed on the development of relevant knowledge, best practice skills, and human services attitudes.

The Human Services Technology Program is designed to promote or enhance the personal well-being of individuals. The Human Services Technology degree at PCC provides students with a basic body of knowledge and skills that will prepare students to be effective in a wide range of human service agencies.

Human Services Technology is one of the largest industries in America. Around 12% of the people employed in the United States work in this field.
Human Services Technology has evolved over the years into a network of programs and agencies that provide an array of services to millions of Americans.

Program Philosophy

The Human Services Technology curriculum is designed to train and prepare graduates to meet a wide range of client needs in various service-related settings, to enable them to live more autonomous, satisfying, productive lives. 

Program Goals

  • To prepare students for careers in Human Services.
  • To teach students how to effectively match client needs with available community resources.
  • To increase students’ capacity for self-awareness and facilitate their personal growth.
  • To help students develop thoughtful, genuine, and empathetic attitudes toward other people.
  • To expand the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to help people help themselves.
  • To facilitate students’ entry into and success in bachelor’s degree programs. 

Careers in Human Services Technology

The human services industry continues to seek experienced professionals equipped with the knowledge and skills to address the population’s evolving needs.  As a result, careers in fields like human services technology continue to be an attractive career option for many of today’s graduates.

Human Services is one of the fastest growing professions heading into the next century.  A PCC Human Services Technology degree can lead to careers such as:

  • Case manager
  • Nursing home care provider
  • Assisted living care provider
  • Mentor
  • Home care companion
  • Family services worker
  • Casework aide
  • Clinical social work aide
  • Family service assistant
  • Social work assistant
  • Addictions counselor assistant

Required Courses:

 Human Services Technology Course Checklist

Human Services Technology Program Curriculum Map

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