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Advising Mission Statement 

Academic advisors at Pamlico Community College provide academic and professional guidance as students develop meaningful educational plans in pursuit of their life goals. Advisors provide students with information about coursework, college policies and procedures, career options, and transfer opportunities. They require student participation in the decision-making process, help students become lifelong learners, and encourage self-reliant problem solving through exploration of students’ own interests and values.

Academic Advising at PCC 

Academic advising is one of the most critical components for your success at Pamlico Community College.  Academic advising is an interactive process between you, the student, and your advisor. You share information with your academic advisor who will assist you in identifying, planning, and achieving your academic goals. Students should consult regularly with their academic advisor to review and update their goals.  By facilitating the development of skills, attitudes, discipline, and understanding, academic advisors help to ensure your progress toward the completion of your coursework and your program of study.

During the registration process, students are assigned an academic advisor based on their program of study.  To locate information about who your academic advisor is and how to contact them, click on the Programs tab above.  Select your program of study and you will find academic advisors name and contact information at the bottom of the page.

Meet Advisors at PCC  

Academic Advisor Responsibilities:

  •  Provide professional, courteous, and timely student service.
    Maintain confidentiality.
  • Explain college programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Educate students about available resources and services.
  • Make appropriate referrals.
  • Empower students to gain decision-making skills and take ownership for their education plans and achievements.
  • Guide students in their program-planning activities consistent with their career and education goals.
  • Teach students skills to monitor their academic progress and seek assistance as needed.

Student Responsibilities: 

  • Clarify personal values, goals, and career interests.
  • Become knowledgeable about college programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Use information from various sources to inform education decisions.
  • Prepare for each advising session with questions or material for discussion.
  • Provide advisors with accurate information regarding your interests and aptitudes.
  • Ask questions when a specific concern or an issue is not clear.
  • Accept responsibility for decisions made.
  • Prepare for course selection for the following semester.

Counseling Services

Student Services includes counseling provided by trained personnel. Counseling is available to every student from pre-admission through graduation. Counseling begins with the initial interview and continues until the student transfers to another institution or is placed in a job. The primary purpose of the interview is to aid the student in making a wise decision among choices of study to most closely match his/her needs, interests, and abilities.

The counseling staff is composed of the Vice President of Student Services and counselors. Students should feel free to come by the counselor’s office to discuss or explore any problem or condition which impacts their educational program. Students can confide in counselors with the full knowledge that anything they say will be confidential. Counseling services may be used on a voluntary or referral basis.

Tutoring Services

Pamlico Community College provides students complimentary access to Tutor.com™ online tutoring for academic assistance and support 24/7. For more information please see the Online Tutoring  page.

Career Onestop

Sometimes the process of choosing a career path is scary. There are so many options, and it is hard to process all that new information. That is why our staff at Pamlico Community College is here to help!

Have you ever wanted to know how much you can expect to make in your new career, wanted to find out what types of jobs are out there, needed some data on your field of study?

Career Onestop is your best friend! Your source for career exploration, training, and jobs. It is free tool for students, faculty and staff. Check out the links below today! For one on one assistance for anything career related, see Cristy Warner, Student Services Counselor.

Career OneStop Introduction

Career OneStop Tool Kit

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